My Journey from Hormonal Acne to Creating Skinergy Beauty

For years, I battled with hormonal acne, a relentless nemesis that not only affected my skin but also took a toll on my confidence. Those stubborn breakouts left behind a map of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, haunting reminders of battles fought on my skin. It wasn't just the physical blemishes; it was the confidence they stole that truly left its mark.

In those moments of frustration and self-doubt, I found myself constantly reaching for layers of makeup to cover the flaws and find comfort in a flawless facade. Yet, deep down, I yearned to feel comfortable in my own skin, to step out without the weight of makeup as my shield. And as a New Yorker, I didn’t really have too much time (nor patience) to do a full face each morning before work. 

That's why Skinergy Beauty came into existence—a response to the frustration of relying on makeup and the lack of time for extensive skincare routines. I didn't have hours to dedicate to a complicated regimen. I needed something efficient, effective, and multi-targeting, something that understood my skin's needs and didn't require a lengthy process. 

Our dark spot correcting cream (our first hero product and still our best seller) and our entire product line were crafted with this in mind starting in 2017. I understand the busy schedules, the need for simplicity, and the desire to address multiple skin concerns with one product. At the time, before Skinergy was even a thought, I dabbled with extensive routines; 10-12 steps every morning and night.

Every formulation is meticulously designed to target various skin issues, to end the long, time-consuming routines I once relied on so heavily.

When I developed our dark spot correcting cream, I didn't just want it to fade spots; I wanted it to streamline skincare routines, to be that one product that could tackle multiple concerns—hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, and nourishment for the skin. And I continued to do this with every other product I released thereafter. 

Skinergy Beauty's mission goes beyond providing skincare solutions; it's about liberating my amazing customers from having to rely on layers of makeup and time-consuming routines. It's about giving back the freedom to be comfortable in your skin, to feel confident without relying on cover-ups.

If you haven't tried Skinergy yet, I invite you to hop on this journey towards simplified skincare routines, multi-targeting products, and most importantly, finding comfort and confidence in your own skin. It is truly what all of my efforts are about! 

Stay Glowing, 

Priscilla J. 
Founder & CEO, Skinergy Beauty

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