Celebrating Caribe Beauty Traditions: The Skinergy Beauty Story

If you're new here, hola! I'm Priscilla and I'm the founder of Skinergy Beauty.

I want to take you on a journey to discover how my upbringing, influenced by my immigrant parents and the vibrant culture of the Dominican Republic, has shaped Skinergy Beauty into a brand that celebrates Caribbean beauty traditions.

Embracing Caribbean Beauty Traditions:
The Dominican Republic is a treasure trove of natural ingredients that work wonders for hair and skin. These traditions have been at the heart of my inspiration for Skinergy Beauty. I introduced our first-ever product, the Dark Spot Correcting Cream, in 2017, made in DR, of natural, non-irritating ingredients. I wanted to encapsulate the very essence of the country in that product, and I did.

Growing Up in New York's Cultural Melting Pot:
New York, a city known for its cultural diversity, is my home. Growing up here, I was surrounded by a tapestry of cultures, and this had a profound impact on my perspective. It made me realize the beauty in celebrating diversity, a principle that I've woven into Skinergy Beauty.

A Caribbean Touch in Every Product:
The Dominican Republic's influence on my brand is unmistakable. I've harnessed the beauty secrets of the Caribbean in every Skinergy Beauty product. Ingredients like chinola, guava, aloe and papaya, which are staples of Dominican beauty rituals, now form the core of Skinergy Beauty's offerings.

Hair and Skin Goodies from the Dominican Republic:
The Dominican Republic is renowned for its incredible hair and skincare products. My goal was to share these gems with a broader audience. We feature products that harness the power of these Caribbean treasures, offering your hair and skin the care they deserve.

Skinergy Beauty is a celebration of the beauty traditions of the Dominican Republic and the colorful diversity of the Caribbean. We are a brand that brings the magic of our culture's beauty secrets to your daily routine. I invite you to join me on this journey, to experience the vibrant and holistic beauty that the Caribbean has to offer. Together, we can embrace beauty that's as rich and diverse as the islands themselves.

Con amor, Priscilla

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