Skinergy Beauty

100% Mulberry Silk Sleep Mask & Scrunchie Set


We love all things self-care and of course we'd bring you comfy, luxe silk sleeping masks and scrunchies! Sleep is an essential part of our health and rejuvenation, without a good night's rest, our skin is more susceptible to inflammation, faster aging and loses hydration. Our plush 100% Mulberry Silk mask has you (and your eyes) covered for a restful night.

Silk is widely touted as a great material to protect the hair. It prevents friction and tension that most traditional hair ties can create. Our silk scrunchies work well for dry, damaged and weak hair. Breakage? We don't know her.

Hair up in a bun, light's out and zzz... re-energizing!

Set comes with a reusable satin pouch, perfect for home and travel.

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